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All of Government (AoG)

Comspek International is proud to partner with central and local government agencies under the All of Government (AoG) panel. Under the AoG Panel, Comspek International provides Talent Acquisition Services (TAS) for all Common IT roles across contract and permanent placements, including payroll services.

The new All-of-Government (AoG) Talent Acquisition Services (TAS) contract offers government agencies specialist recruitment services from a panel of experienced providers. The new contract aims to attract, select and retain talent with a strong focus on post-placement care and performance management of candidates.

Meet the team

The team at Comspek International understands that securing the right talent to deliver outcomes can be a difficult challenge.  Our consultants are extensively trained to make this process as easy and as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on taking the time to thoroughly understand exactly what you're looking for, so that we can then apply this knowledge to find the right fit.


Why Comspek?

By partnering with Comspek International you will experience the benefits of a professional, time efficient, and cost effective service.

We feel that the reason our candidates and clients use Comspek is our 25+ years experience specialising in the Telecommunications and IT recruitment sectors. This gives us the advantage of knowing the market thoroughly, understanding our clients’ skills requirements and most importantly, understanding candidates’ skills and specialist knowledge to ensure outcomes are delivered

Our core competencies are in selecting Management and Technical Engineers for Telecommunications Operators, Vendors and associated IT Service Providers. In recent years, we have also expanded our areas of expertise to include Software Development and DevOps roles.

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25+ years experience specialising in the New Zealand Telecommunications and IT recruitment sector.

2001 | Comspek International is founded in New Zealand

Comspek International is founded in Auckland, New Zealand by Don Credie with a focus on the telecommunications sector.

2003 | Auckland office opens

Auckland CBD office begins operations, led by Don Credie and James Critchley.

2005 | Comspek International begins work in utilities sector

Comspek International expands into the utilities sector.

2008 | Wellington office opens

Wellington CBD office begins operations, led by Dan Mellon and Kamahl Connor.

2010 | Comspek International begins work in financial sector

​Comspek International expands into the financial sector, working with a number of APAC's largest banks.

2012 | Comspek International begins work with NZ government

Comspek International begins working with New Zealand government organisations.

2017 | Comspek International leadership team grows

Key Wellington team members, Dan Mellon and Kamahl Connor, become company directors and shareholders.